Monday, 28 May 2012

Colour my World

OMG Vintage 60's, Retro, Atomic is becoming sooo hard to find, those wonderful colourful and futuristic   furnishings that are so wonderful, Joe and I have been, scrabbling about driving all over the country and voila` -  success.



Look at these yummy things:

Once upon a time I would find things everywhere, markets, sales, fairs, now there is nothing, sometimes if you are very lucky you will see something in Op Shops, but the prices are so high, I cannot buy them. I have found things cheaper in the Vintage Shed, than in Op Shops. I wonder what happened to the 'Opportunity' in Op Shop!

But 'keep moving forward' is my motto, I am not sure it's Joe's, it could be more like....Lets strangle Jules....and stop this madness.

I am now working harder, is that possible? I already work 24/7. We have found a few nice pieces recently  see above and will be putting them into the cute little Retrobabes Atomic shop, very soon.

We have recently rearranged our space in the Vintage Shed and made two cosy little shops The eclectic Retrobabes Industry and Retrobabes Atomic which has lots of lovely colourful finds, and a great selection of vinyl's from the 50's to the 80's. The vinyl's are Joe's thing, and he has a great selection at present, and he regularly puts new vinyls in weekly.

 Retrobabes Music also has great band T- shirts.

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