Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Spirit of Christmas

This week I witnessed two things, which make me think, about the spirit of Christmas.

Two young girls a beautiful blonde girl and her brunette friend were shopping together, obviously having fun,  when the lovely blonde girl  picked up a gorgeous vase,  and squealed with delight, it was just what she was looking for her bedroom, she was going to buy herself a Christmas Present. Her brunette friend said how lovely it was, and encouraged her to buy it.

The blonde then opened her bag to find her purse was missing, she looked panicked, looked around the shop, and said to her friend that she would have to retrace her steps, and see where she left it.  She then turned to the shop keeper and asked would it be possible for her to hold it and as soon as she found her purse, she would be back.

The shop keeper a haughty snobby lady, said in her best pompous voice, sorry the shop had a policy that they didn’t hold anything. The lovely blonde girl looked crushed, she said well I’ll just have to hope it doesn’t sell and I’ll be back, with that she said to her friend she would catch up with her soon, and raced out of the shop.

The next thing I witnessed was the young brunette picking up the vase, producing the money and paying for it, I thought to myself, what a lovely person she was, buying it for her friend so she wouldn’t miss out, I was so overwhelmed with her kindness, I had to say something, so I walked up to the counter, and said to the young brunette, what a lovely friend you are, buying that amazing vase for your friend, I hope something nice happens to you today. To my horror she turned to me and said I am not buying it for my friend, I want it, it’s too bad, she misses out.

My nice warm fuzzy bubble burst and the spirit of Christmas ran away, I was speechless, probably just as well, because all these thoughts were going through my head, HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF, I HOPE KARMA COMES BACK, and WHAT A MEAN LITTLE BIATCH YOU ARE!  My thoughts went back to the lovely blonde girl, how disappointed she would be when she came back, I made a silent wish that she would find her purse and on the way back find a more amazing vase and never find out what her friend had done.

The second thing I witnessed was when I was walking through the market, last Sunday, there is this amazing man, we will call him ‘Matt’ (not his real name), I have known him for a little while, he sells things at the market, and every Market I go and say hello, sometimes he has his children with him and he laughs and Jokes with them,
Most people would say that Matt is a rough diamond, and he can be very abrupt and can come across quite intimidating, I was frightened of him myself, for awhile. He is the epitome of an Aussie battler, he has two young children he is bringing up on his own, the only job he has is the markets, and he finds it hard to have any other work, because his young son is autistic and requires care. Anyway while I was standing at his stall, looking for something to buy, his lovely son, came running back crying, Matt kept asking what was wrong, something had frightened him, his son couldn’t verbalise, so Matt just sat down beside him and hugged him, while he calmed down.
It brought tears to my eyes, this amazing dad, who comes across, as a rough don’t mess with me type, how much he cared for and loved his son. Right then I wished that he would have an amazing Christmas and that something very special would come to them all.

I thought Christmas was a time for people to care about each other, but it seems lately all I see is much stressed people, spending too much money on gifts, which probably aren’t appreciated by the people they give them too.  So I am sending you all warm and fuzzy thoughts hoping your Christmas will be happy, peaceful, and you will find a truly wonderful kindness in yourself, to do something wonderful for someone else.

Jules x

Thursday, 24 November 2011


I spent some time in the Vintage Emporium this afternoon, and  the general theme of the customers for the afternoon was why are vintage fashions so small. This started me thinking, why are the majority of fashions that have survived from the past,  usually on the smaller side. After all the hour glass figure was something most vintage women aspired to, a womanly figure was much sort after, and the majority of women were curvier.
Having said that, The Vintage Emporium  does stock lovely vintage for the fuller figure, and the girls working there are only too happy to help you find them.

I think that we curvier Divas deserve to look beautiful too, so I am making it my mission to source lovely vintage fashion and vintage style Clothing for us. I will keep you posted about my finds, so follow my Blog.

For those of you who are lucky enough to been able to eat chocolate and still maintain your figure, don't worry, there will still be lots of Vintage Fashion for you.

Cheers Julie

Monday, 14 November 2011

Stormy Weather and Gorgeous Fashion.

Today is the beginning of Retrobabes Blog, this afternoon we had a photo shoot down at the beach. Sounds good in theory - Imagine lots of Sun, blue skies, sand and the colour of those yummy bathing boxes. But we all know Melbourne’s changeable weather! Just as we got there the skies opened up and started pouring. So in between showers we took photos. Our gorgeous models Shakira and Gem were very professional and braved the weather and they still had  smiles on their faces, even though they had goosebumps. Thanks girls you did a great job! Maybe next time we will get the blue skies. These lovely treasures will be in the Vintage Emporium over the next couple of weeks. By the way the girls have claimed the crocheted bikinis for themselves, but there are more on the way.